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“Over 60 year old’s have 30% of the income and 70% of wealth in Western countries. Are you doing something special for oldies?”


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One Comment

  1. Dr Don Barnes-
    2 June, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Hello Professor David Hughes
    I have just listened to you podcast on Global Food Business Observations and Issues Podcast » Maximising Commercial Opportunities with Baby Boomers. I am in a Technical Advisory Group on the effects of Population Ageing as a retired professor called back into “service” I would love to get a copy of the staistics you were quoting as much of what you have covered in the podcast applies to New Zealand. I was in my last few working years a Professor at Massey University N.Z. in Quality and Manufacturing Systems and prior to that a Chief Director in our DSIR before it was disbanded where I had a strong involvement in industry development in NZ. In our Faculty at Massey we had the Food Technology Department. I have always been keen for NZ to capture economic oppportunities from its efficiency in fields like agriculture etc. My email is above. It would be much appreciated it it was possible to get the data from your podcast or a text version of the whole thing.

    “Thanking you in anticipation” 🙂

    Don Barnes

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