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International Speaker on Global Food and Drink Industry Issues…

Around the world, David speaks to senior agribusiness and food industry managers about global food industry developments that are and will affect their businesses and industry. Energetic, engaging, humorous and insightful, David gains the very highest evaluations at seminars, conferences and Board level discussions in every continent he visits

Poultry Market Intelligence Forum – February 2020

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Introducing Doctor Food

An Introduction to Dr Food Weekly Food Business Insights

I hope you enjoy the below extracts from my Dr Food Weekly Food Business Insights

What? 5 punchy slides each with a distillation of a very recent interesting global food industry development, plus present and future implications for businesses.

When? Weekly, almost. How? You receive an email with a link to the page in our platform for the slides and a video where David wraps up the news and joins the dots for you! Ideal for consumption on your smartphone with a cup of coffee or tea!

 Who? Managers with career ambitions, civil servants, progressive farmers students, food industry anoraks!

 Why? Insights with business direction, career development, looking smart and in touch when talking to bosses and colleagues, and being the “Go To” person on global food industry developments in your business and personal tribe

How much? 1st Month for free. Then £12/€13/$15 per month.

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Avoiding the Commodity Trap: Pink Lady a Trailblazer in Branding Fresh Apples

European "Big Food" Put Pressure on Brazil to Reduce Deforestation of the Amazon

Developments in European Farming Policies. Dr Food Weekly Insights No 44.
Your Indoor & Vertical Farming is Fashionable. Dr Food Insights Goes Here
Moving On from Heron Ingredientes to Dynamic Duos. Dr Food Insights
Enforceable Guidelines for Businesses Making Environment Claims are Needed and Soon

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FAO Global Food Price Index (measure of world prices for cereals, oilseeds, meat, dairy, sugar) +33% vs Sept 2020 & at levels not seen since the 1973 “Russian Great Grain Robbery”! Most price increases yet to be passed through to retail. Watch for shrieks of pain from consumers😱

The Power of Graphics and Hard-Hitting Headlines from The Economist (Oct. 2): “The beef with beef. Treating beef like coal would make a big dent in greenhouse-gas emissions”. A salutary reminder to ensure that agriculture puts out its first team when defending its patch!


Are you of an age when you can remember leaving the bottles for the milkman to pick up in the morning? What goes around comes around, particularly in grocery shopping (home delivery).
Here's a very short video from my @drfoodinsights on Loop.

Grocery Shopping Decisions are Becoming More Complex. Help is At Hand: There’s an App for That!

Here’s one of those items of international news (Tuesday online The Telegraph UK) that pops up provoking one to ponder “You know, you couldn’t make it up”! I bet his Mum won’t go shopping or, indeed, out of the house for a week!

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