It’s time to look up and out from your business! There are three sets of global trends that are and will have a profound impact on your business through the remainder of this decade and beyond.:

  • Socio-Economic and Demographic
  • Shifting of economic power globally
  • Increasing urbanisation
  • Increasing spread of wealth
  • Ageing population
  • Health & Well-Being plus “Green” Issues
  • Increased importance of health and well-being
  • Growing consumer concerns about sustainability
  • Scarcity of natural resources
  • Increase in regulatory pressures
  • Impact of Technology on Consumers and Industry
  • Adoption of new communications technology by consumers
  • Increase in demand for consumer services
  • Rapid adoption of supply chain technology by industry
  • Impact of next-generation technology by consumers and industry

In three podcasts prepared in January, 2011, the business implications of the twelve emerging trends are explored. David builds on research work published by the Consumer Goods Forum in its “2020 Future Value Chain” report (2011).

Please find these in my Latest Global Food Observations and Observations and Issues podcast section.

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